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Little Robots                                                                                                             


I made this robot during a class at NCSU.  The class had the option to either make a robot to follow a line, or to make a Robot to seek a GPS signal.  Me and one other student chose the latter.  Its relatively complicated because the GPS signal is a text-string that must be parsed, and processed to be meangful.  This data must then be combined with simple trigonometry to produce values that, when processed some more, produces values to send to the wheels.  This Robot was the best-performing of the two GPS robots.


I don't detail the capabilities of project Pegasus here but this it is in development.  Below is some images of it, and a video of an early development test consisting of a slow-rampup test of its motors by the computer.


This is a video of another previous project.  It is a line follower but, unlike the other robots in the class, it follows the line very quickly and accurately and produces the sound of a "Dixie Horn" when it is done, producing laughter and amusement.


Zackery Sobin


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